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Customers for over 20 Years & a Disabled Vet


We have been with Verizon FiOS for over 20 years and we were actually the first ones in our neighborhood to have it installed. Our contract ran out in August and we were told not to renew because if we renewed our contract price would go up so we did nothing. Then we get this month Bill and it is $215 versus the $187 it was for the last 3 years. When I called up and spoke to a customer service rep the best she could do was remove the premium channels we had and reduce our speed from one gig to 400. That price is 193 for a 2-year contract so we are giving up are speed as well as premium channels and still paying more than we have before. I am a 100% disabled veteran and asked about any discounts she could give but she said those were already at it. You would think they would try to keep people rather than chasing people away. She told me she was a customer retention specialist but it's a Saturday morning and I wasn't transferred to anyone so I'm pretty sure she was a customer service representative. Not her fault she probably only had certain options to provide so I'll try to call on Monday and if we don't get anywhere we will get Xfinity where we get more than what we have now for $70 less a month for the next two years. Plus free DVR hours, plus $100 gift card, and, in my opinion, a better picture.

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