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Copper Contributor
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No internet after G3100 firmware update and parallels access installed on computers



 I have had Fios for years with 0 issues. After Verizon updated my firmware on the g3100 router to add another 5gz band on 8/20/21, any pc connected to the network with parallels access installed has constant internet dropouts. I have 1gb plan and have Ethernet from ont to router for internet and coax to router for Fios tv boxes. Local network between pc’s works fine 100 percent of the time even with no internet on those pc’s. Any device that does not have parallels access installed has no issues at all whether it’s a pc, ipad, mobile device or any other network device. If I reboot the g3100, internet on the parallels access pc’s works briefly, then drops all internet traffic but local traffic between the pc’s is not affected. Note, stopping the parallels access service or uninstalling parallels acces does not stop the internet dropouts. Only wiping the hard drive and doing a clean install of operating system of Mac OS or windows 10 will allow computers to work with no internet dropouts. If I swap my g3100 router back to my g1100 router, there are no issues whatsoever. There has to be an issue between the g3100 and parallels access. Has anyone else had this issue ? Thank you

Who Me Too'd this topic
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