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Re: BBU not charging the battery


Sounds like it could have failed.  You can test if it still supplies power during outages by unplugging it and seeing if phone service stays up.  This may inform your decision.


Know that Verizon doesn't support BBU's anymore beyond selling new batteries.  If you contact them, they will come and remove it.  They will replace it with a standard power supply.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the BBU powers internet for just a minute or two; it provides several hours of backup for phone.  You can accomplish the same thing as a BBU by installing your own UPS or generator, and they will power internet, phone and TV.  Most people find internet more useful than phone during outages.  And many people have cell phones to use during power outages.


Verizon may also try to sell you a "power reserve."  This is a big box that holds a large number of D-cell alkaline batteries.  It must be turned on and off manually.  It only powers phone service.  It is not rechargeable.  Batteries are not included in the purchase price ($39.99 last time I checked.)  I suggest you avoid it.


You have several options:

  • Ignore the battery light on the BBU.  You may or may not have phone service during power outages.
  • Contact Verizon and have them replace the BBU with a power supply.  Then install your own backup (UPS or generator.)
  • Contact Verizon and have them replace the BBU with a power supply.  Purchase their "power reserve."  I don't recommend this due to the issues described above.


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