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Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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E3200 - Trouble with Guest Network


TL;DR   Guest network on E3200 not working


I recently upgraded my home network:  new 1G-capable ONT, new G3100 (1104) connected via GigE to new E3200 (1103), both running firmware  SON disabled.  Guest network SSID enabled.


What's working:


  • Devices associating with the Primary SSID or the IoT SSID via either G3100 or E3200 receive IP address (router and DNS at, and can access the Internet.
  • Devices associating with my Guest SSID via the G3100 receive IP address (router and DNS at, and can access the Internet.

What's not working:

  • Devices associating with my Guest SSID via the E3200 apparently don't receive a DHCP response and are left without a routable address, and cannot access the Internet.

I've tried with SON enabled and disabled, and with the IoT SSID enabled and disabled.  I can move a device nearer the G3100 and have access, and then move nearer the E3200 and lose access.


Reviewing the LAN DHCP log (on the G3100) I have seen the DHCP-supplied IP address properly increment from to when a second device joined the guest network.  And I saw DHCP request/ack sequences for both the and devices each time they associated with either the G3100 or E3200.  However, despite the correct request/ack sequence being logged as the devices were associated with the E3200, they apparently failed to receive their IP configuration information.


I manually configured the correct guest subnet IP information (address, mask, router, DNS) in each of the two devices and re-associated with the 3200.  Neither worked.


I noticed concerns in the forum about iOS devices and the 3200, so made sure to try with MacBook as well.  No difference in results.


Am I missing something obvious in my configuration?

Who Me Too'd this topic
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