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Registered: ‎09-23-2021

Hulu does not play well all the time and seems to be worse in the evenings.


Something not mentioned by anyone that I saw from the few subjects I looked at here concerning throttling and the sort is bandwidth. Sure, the speeds seem to be fine, but I have recently become aware of bandwidth being the problem with most TVs playing video content. We recently had a router that had issues and would give us plenty of internet service, but none of our TVs would play video, period. The person I spoke to at Verizon informed me that TVs tend to required more bandwidth than other devices. We had our Verizon router replaced and that seemed to fix the problem, but it was only a temporary fix for a few days. We can still watch videos for the most part, but for some reason, Hulu does not want to play very well. We have always had some issues with it dropping out, giving errors that say check internet connection, etc. This certainly appears to be a bandwidth issue. Does anyone know if Hulu requires more bandwidth than other providers, or if Verizon limits bandwidth during high-usage times of the day?

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