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Re: Conecting My Win 10 PC to FIOS TV


@NEIL13764 wrote:

I have two issues with using the link that you suggested.  First, the interface is terrible but secondly and more importantly, there are some sports programs which will not show do to some copyright issues.


Does the IPC1100P2 have an HDMI out that I can connect to the HDMI in on my PC?  Would this allow me to see the FIOS TV on my PC?

You actually have an HDMI IN on a PC? First I've heard of that, always been an out as far as I've seen. If the IN is HDCP2.0 compliant, there is no reason you couldn't take a feed from the IPC to the computer via HDMI. The IPC has one HDMI out, which you'll either have to share, or get a HDCP2.0 compliant switch to send to more than one device.

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