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Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎08-24-2020

Issues with Fios TV One Mini (Coax)


I've been having intermittent issues with my Fios TV One Mini for a little while now. For reference, the box is located upstairs in my master bedroom (rear of house), and my main STB and router are located downstairs in my family room (front of house). The Mini is connected via Coax, but often times says it is connected via wifi. I contacted Verizon customer service months ago and went through a couple hours of reboots/system checks with them but nothing seemed to fix the issue. Randomly everything started working much better for a few months so I let it be, but now the issues have started up again.


Live TV constantly freezes on my Mini. Sometimes the feed will resume after 5-10 seconds only to then freeze again and repeat. The channel name/info appears when it does this, as if it's sort of 'refreshing' the selection of that channel. Other times it will just freeze and stay that way. If I flip up/down channels, it typically resumes but then freezes again in a few seconds. When the cable feed is frozen, I can access the settings menu and guide just fine... meaning it's not like the whole box is frozen, but just the live cable feed.


The freezing problems occur when the box recognizes it's connected to coax as well as and when it decides to connect itself to wifi. I'm really confused as to why the Mini wouldn't always recognize it's connected to coax. Are there any software updates I can do? 


I've read that a non compatible splitter could possibly cause issues. Does that sound like something that could be causing my issues? My main STB in our family room works perfectly. I'm wondering if maybe there's a splitter in my attic for the upstairs that I should check. Any splitter recommendations or other suggestions on my issue?



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