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Copper Contributor
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Fios Router (G3100) Static Routing Failure



Static route for a local LAN segment added to G3100 route table (via Web GUI -> Advanced -> Network Settings -> Routing -> Routing Table -> New Route) eventually fails, and no longer routes. 



G3100 has IP address of I have two networks in my home: LAN1:, and LAN2: I have a separate internal router (Ubiquiti EdgeRouterX) with LAN1 address of, and LAN2 address of To facilitate routing of traffic from LAN1 to LAN2, I add a static route statement to the G3100 to point all traffic destined for to (see attached screenshot).




This is functional (and shows as status "Applied") for some period of time, typically a few hours, but then always eventually goes to a status of "Failed" and no longer routes traffic. I have to delete and re-create the route statement to get things routing again. As a workaround, I can add a static route statement to my workstations on LAN1 to route traffic to the Ubiquiti router for LAN2 traffic (bypassing the G3100), but this isn't very scalable, and not how routing should work. 


Router firmware version:
G3100 hardware Version: 1103


This appears to be a bug, any thoughts? Nothing of relevance in any logs that I've found. This has been occurring for many months. 

Who Me Too'd this topic
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