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Copper Contributor
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Ethernet connections


Apologies in advance because I am very non-technical.


I have Fios internet with a G3100 router.  My home is pre-wired with ethernet ports in several rooms.  I am having spotty wifi coverage in one part of the house, so I bought a Fios wifi extender.  I want to connect it to the ethernet port in a particular room.  However, the ethernet port in this room (and the other rooms) are not enabled.


There is a box in my basement with a whole bunch of ethernet cables that are not connected to anything.  For most rooms, there is a blue cable and a gray cable in the box in the basement with the name of the room.  There is a blue cable labeled "Feed" connected to a gray cable labeled "Study."  The study is where my router is.  Presumably the Feed cable goes to the ONT, and then the signal goes on to my router in the Study?


Anyway, I bought an unmanaged, Netgear 5 port switch thinking it would be easy to fix this up.  I connected the blue Feed wire to the switch, along with the gray Study wire and the gray wire with the name of the other room I wanted connected.  That didn't work.  It probably caused some minor explosions at a Verizon facility somewhere.


I am at a loss.  Why are there different colored wires for each room, and how should this be set up so it works?  Thank you!

Who Me Too'd this topic
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