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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎02-24-2017

VMS4100 set up problems, drop in replacement for CHS335HDC


Verizon sent me a VMS4100 to replace a CHS335HDC. My router is a TP-Link AC2600; I have a MoCA bridge and everything has worked fine (TV, guide, on demand, etc.) for several years and several routers.


I plugged everything in the same, and in the router I recoded the MAC address of the new STB to, and can confirm that the DHCP server has given it the right IP (shows up as VMS4100P2). I'm forwarding UDP 63145->63145 and TCP 35000->7547. (Although I also saw a post that those may not be necessary?) The old STB had two MAC addresses; this one appears to have just the one.


During the setup, I first get a complaint that I'm not using a Verizon router. Step 2 is "software download." On step 2A, "MRL info and server identifier," during testing, it gets to "downloading MC," hangs, and then I get the message "Multicast MRL failed" followed by a pop-up that says "Error Code 2203-DL22" with no elaboration.


None of these codes or messages seem to be google-able, or on the forum, and the Arris user guide amounts to "don't get it wet." I feel like I'm missing something obvious! Does anyone have any thought of what I can check next? Thanks in advance!


As an aside, if I can plug straight into the ethernet port and ditch the MoCA bridge, I'd be for that.

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