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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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MoCA Extender - Technical Question


I have Fios internet with the G3100 Router and a G3200 extender.


I understand that my existing STB MoCA network broadcast on a certain MoCA frequency.


I have a working ScreenBeam ECB7250 MoCA adapter that is on my network. I noticed on the Admin page of the ScreenBeam where users can change default values that under the MoCA there was a field labeled "LOF" with a value of 1150.


1. Is the LOF field a description of the MoCA frequency that the ECB7250 is transmitting?

2. Is LOF a way for me to change the default frequency value on my MoCA adapter so that it does not interfere with my exiting STB MoCA network?

3. If I am correct (highly unlikely) what MoCA frequency would you recommend - 1,400 or higher not to exceed the 1,675 that my Verizon splitters allow?


Any assistance is appreciated

Who Me Too'd this topic
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