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Copper Contributor
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WiFi Extender over COAX? (newbie alert!)


Hi there, trying to help out my non-tech neighbor, so apologies if my understanding of FIOS or his infrastructure is a little limited.  

He currently has a FIOS gateway (modem/router or the equivalent) in his home office, which is in a detached building from his house.  In his house, he has a Verizon set-top box which is coax attached.  His TV just died and we replaced it with a Samsung Smart TV.  I figured I'd hook it up to WiFi and set up Netflix for him, but the WiFi signal where the TV in is poor (-92dB).  

I've read in some other threads that there is a coax-attached WiFi "repeater" type thing available for this type of scenario, but I'm not sure what to look for from both a product standpoint and an infrastructure standpoint.  I'm pretty sure the fibre is terminated in his house in some sort of device which then "splits" into the coax drops in both his house (TV box) and barn (router).  Does this sound right?  And if so, is there something I could add at the TV to boost the network connection/WIFi?  Thanks.  

Who Me Too'd this topic
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