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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Security note, Actiontec GT784WNV firewall fails after reboot. Silence from Verizon.


Brand new Actiontec GT784WNV DSL modem/router with the "current firmware" (GT784WN-VZ-1.1.22) When the modem reboots, firewall settings default and firewall log is erased. When making changes to settings in the router, wifi security frequently defaults to WPA from WPA2 and I have to check it last thing before I exit. Admin access continues to pass unencrypted. Verizon won't acknowledge. I think this version of the firmware is five or six years old and I don't think it's undergone any major change in a decade. I contacted Actiontec and they told me Verizon handles their own firmware. Verizon won't even respond, much less give me a firmware update. I haven't been able to find any third party firmware (Openwrt is working on it, but not quite there.) The frequency of reboots means anyone with this router is basically wide open. If anyone knows of a working third party firmware, or any sort of workaround, I'd be glad to hear it. Alternatively, if you know what specs a modem for their network needs so I don't have to go through them, I'd appreciate it.

Verizon's official policy of neglecting their copper network and related systems has reached "**bleep**" levels. I wish they'd spin it off to another telco. Downstream speeds rarely break 300k and are often comparable to dial-up. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but it would be nice to have some options.

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