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Registered: ‎06-15-2022

Ethernet not working, WiFi works


I have Gigabit Fios and my ethernet seems to work selectively. It works perfectly for most web services, but is extremely slow on a few of the sites that I frequent (Youtube, Netflix, and Gmail). When I switch my computer over to WiFi instead of ethernet, the problematic sites work normally. 


Other people on my network who are also on ethernet have no problems on their end. This makes me think that this is an issue with some network setting on my device. I have already reset my network settings and the issue persists. I am hoping someone here has some insight into what the cause of the problem could be and how to solve it.


I should also note that this is a recent issue that started happening about a week ago. I've had the same service since October of last year and my ethernet has had no trouble until now. There was Verizon outtage in my area about a month ago and after that is when I started to notice this problem. I am unsure if that outtage is the cause, but it was an interesting coincidence...

Who Me Too'd this topic
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