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Copper Contributor
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IPv6 Fios Fresh Tomato and Ubuntu Linux


* Right after I posted this I lost IPv6 connectivity. Maybe IPv6 isn't fully working yet.


*The reason I have a lot of numbers for letters is because I can't post to this forum with spelling errors. But it does allow words with numbers. Weird.


Today I was able to connect via IPv6 from the Wash DC area. (Hyattsvill3)

I need to do a lot more testing, but for those tearing there hair out trying to get this to work, this is how I have configured it.


I'm currently running FreshTomat0 2021.3, and will upgrade soon to 2022.3

In Basic-IPv6

IPv6 Service Type DHCPv6 with Prefix Delegation

Prefix Length - 56

Request PD Only - Check this

Add Default route - Uncheck this

Static DNS0 - Leave blank

Accept RA from - WAN only


It defaults to LAN 0, but you can enable any others here if you need to.


In Advanc3d-DHCP/DNS0

Announce IPv6 on LAN (SLA4C)
Announce IPv6 on LAN (DHCP0)


Go back to the Overview.

You should see a IPv6 address in LAN that does not start with fe80

It will not show on WAN, or at least not on my old version.


In Ubuntu Linux

In Settings, Network, Wired, click the gear, IPv6

Check Automatic and apply.

Bounce (turn off and on) the interface.

Click the gear again.

It should show an IPv6 address that does not start with fe80

Note: IPv6 seems to take a few minutes, so if it doesn't immediately work, wait a minute and re-open the Details window.


Testing: Google 'IPv6 test', and try at least two of them.

I've had one test say it worked and another say it didn't, then later it was okay too.


Also: Firefox and Chrome both have internal setting that effect IPv6, so try both if you have trouble with one of them.


I'll update this as I learn more. Please feel free to correct anything you think is wrong.

Good luck, and thanks Verizon, I'm much happier now 🙂

Who Me Too'd this topic
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