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Registered: ‎08-12-2022

Error Message to start Cable card service but I don’t have a cable card


Help!  I’ve already chatted/talked to 6 technicians and none of them can fix this.

Background:  received a new Arris main cable box 3 days ago.  Plugged it in and now I get the Cable card error message on the following channels: 553, 583, 585, 617, 618, 621, 632, 691.  Since it’s the “main” box, none of my tv’s get them. The message is a yellow caution sign and says: “In order to start cable card service for this device, please (can’t read the next word it’s off the screen) cable card provider” then there’s a list of Cable card ID, with a number, Host ID with a number, Data with a number and Unit Address with a number.


Also, when I look at my account online, it’s still saying that my new box is awaiting pickup and my old box is still showing up.  When I picked up the box at the store, the man working there didn’t take my order number, and he just handed me the cable box, that wasn’t in a box or bag or any packaging, and no paperwork at all.  I’m wondering if it’s not a new box or if it’s not activated for my account. I have more issues as well.  Needed a new remote, in order to send me one the technician “had” to add a house phone line to my account.  Something I haven’t had for 3 years!  I still have to deal with that!  Thank you for any help you can provide. 

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