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5 Sales Hacks to Supercharge Your Success in 2018

5 Sales Hacks to Supercharge Your Success in 2018

5 Sales Hacks to Supercharge Your Success in 2018

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎02-05-2018 09:24 PM



 By Barry Moltz

Most small business owners avoid sales because it makes then uncomfortable. But even if you have a great product, you can’t grow your business without actively selling. This upcoming webinar will share simple and quick shortcuts to keep every company’s sales pipeline full and turn prospects into customers.

The sales hacks will include:

How to get prospects to reply when they don't. It happens all the time. You make a great sales call on a prospect and they say they want to buy your product. You set up an appointment for the following week to solidify the details. You call and email over and over again, but never hear from them. What happened? This hack will show you a proven technique to get a reply from the customer (positive or negative), so you can close this sale or move on to others that are truly interested in buying your product.

How to get a referral from your customers. The best way to get a new customer is a referral from a satisfied one that you have. This immediately puts you at the front of the line for anything that referred prospect wants to buy. The problem is that most small businesses don’t have a systematic way to get ongoing referrals for their company. This hack shows you when and how to ask for a referral that will get you a new prospect every time.

How to get online reviews from your customers. Almost as valuable as a specific referral from a customer is a positive online review. Most buyers believe reviews from past buyers more than any paid company advertising. Studies show that 85% of shoppers trust these types of posts from people they don’t even know as muc.... This hack shows you how to encourage online reviews, when they should be posted and where they can be most effective.

How to deal with negative online reviews. It’s a fact of business that not every customer will be satisfied with your product or service. Increasingly, they will go online and post a negative review about their experience. The most important thing is not to get mad or ignore this feedback. This hack will show what steps you can take to turn this negative review into a positive experience for the customer and everyone else that later reads this post.

How to deal with an angry customer. People get mad and frustrated if their purchase experience does not go exactly the way they expect it. The biggest mistake that many companies make is that they ignore the customer or end up arguing with them. Most customers just want to be heard and shown a bit of empathy. This hack will demonstrate how to turn this bad situation of an unhappy customer into an advocate and gain invaluable feedback that helps your business continuously improve.

You can sign up for the webinar here. I look forward to seeing you there.

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