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Avoid the Simple Marketing Mistake 9 Out of 10 Companies Make

Avoid the Simple Marketing Mistake 9 Out of 10 Companies Make

Avoid the Simple Marketing Mistake 9 Out of 10 Companies Make

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎01-24-2017 12:50 PM

 Justin-Blaney-blog-image.jpgThe world is too cluttered for most of us to use traditional marketing. We're all bombarded with emails, advertisements, phone calls and even people flipping signs on the street corner.


We've been taught for the last century that marketing is all about blasting a message through a bullhorn and, as more people have started blasting their messages, most of us have simply tried to find a louder bullhorn. Or we make our message more annoying so people remember it (we all have a fond place in our hearts for those local appliance store ads, right?). But what happens when we can't find a louder bullhorn? Or we can't afford one? And even if we do find a louder bullhorn, the people we're shouting at are tired of all the shouting and self-promotion.


The market is jaded to our eye-catching headings and sensational subject lines. They're sick of us talking about us all the time. So, they shut down. They don't ever answer their phone unless they recognize the number. They buy program after program to make sure that no spam messages get through. They're subscribed to so many blogs and newsletters now that many have purchased programs that will make it so they don't have to see the newsletters and blog emails they've subscribed to.

So, what do most businesses do? Nothing. Or close to nothing. Marketing isn't fun. It's horrible actually, at least in its old-school form. Constantly talking about how great we are, trying to pry a few bucks out of someone's wallet with a clever twist of words or a sexed-up advertisement that promises the good life in exchange for $39.95.


So many companies with great products and services have given up on marketing altogether. They're frustrated with how hard it is to get anyone's attention so they get by on their own momentum, a bit of word of mouth and client referrals. Nonprofits have it even worse, barely scraping by on a few big events each year that increasingly feel like déjà vu to those who attend.


Many businesses, nonprofits and individuals are in this together. They could grow so much and help so many people. Companies with great products and services, nonprofits capable of enormous impact, individuals with something big to offer the world, or at least their next employer, shouldn't have to struggle to get their message out there and attract new customers, donors and opportunities.

There is good news for these businesses. In our upcoming webinar, we will be discussing how to make marketing work for small businesses. Sign up now for the free webinar.

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