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Breaking News: Content Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore

Breaking News: Content Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore

Breaking News: Content Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎07-15-2016 07:11 AM

Evan Bailyn.pngA Guest Article by Evan Bailyn


I remember it clearly: It was 2010 and Google was aggressively laying the groundwork for its famous Panda and Penguin penalties, which penalize sites that paint a falsely trustworthy picture of themselves in Google’s eyes. Typically, what these sites did was either a) publish lots of disingenuous content to make Google think they were a valuable resource when in truth they weren’t or b) quietly pay for links so that Google thought the site was more well-regarded in its industry than it actually was. This was the period when years of cheating Google’s algorithm were meeting a harsh ending for the hundreds of thousands of websites that engaged in such practices. In truth, cheating Google’s algorithm was synonymous with the word “SEO” up until this point.


That was the year content marketing became truly popular. Sure, it had been popular in certain circles since 2007, but in 2010 you began to see an explosion of blogs on business websites. How far the concept of a blog had come from its origins as an online journal that only moody nerds kept; now it was a must-have feature of nearly every company’s website.


It took another year or two for the average marketing manager to know that “content is good for SEO.” And for a time, it was. But as we all know, the moment when something becomes common knowledge to everyone, it loses its specialness. And in the world of Google, where there can only be one #1 result for a search query, specialness is important. The #1 result is the web page that has the best content and perhaps, the best links as well. But what happens when everyone starts creating good content? Well for one, those early content marketers who were doing it right before everyone got into the content marketing game faced higher competition than ever. A new standard was born. That standard is thought leadership.


Thought leadership marketing is the art of creating truly interesting, insightful, story-driven content. Stuff people actually want to read. Stuff people actually learn from. And, in today’s day and age when most of us do our own research on companies before deciding to buy from them, stuff that makes people want to buy.


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