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Continually Evolve Your Business to Stay Competitive

Continually Evolve Your Business to Stay Competitive

Continually Evolve Your Business to Stay Competitive

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎12-05-2022 02:56 PM

brian evolving.JPGWhen you think about evolution, it’s really about adaptation.  Did you know the part of the human body that is still evolving is the brain?  No surprise, maybe, but do you ever think about how quickly a business’s central nervous system needs to adapt to changes in the environment?


Some days you may have to stop on a dime and change directions because a crisis has emerged – a delivery delayed, an employee not showing up, or not having enough capacity to move data over your network connection to customers or suppliers.


Your business can never stand still because the marketplace doesn’t, but you can try to develop some predictability – whether that’s having a small amount of inventory available should a supply interruption occur, or on-demand temporary employee services.  Your electronic network also needs to be able to expand to meet demand – can’t have customers waiting at POS terminals or not be able to push enough files through in a timely manner.


Verizon is a business that is constantly looking at the market landscape and how we can provide best-in-class service to customers.  The biggest part of our effort is to make sure that we can provide the solutions relevant to your needs.


Over the past five years we’ve passed nearly 16 million households and MDU (multi-dwelling unit) properties nationally with our FiOS fiber-optic network to better serve you.  We’ve also had to make improvements in how we install FiOS both from a cost and a customer point of view.


For instance, wiring a single-family house is not exactly the same as wiring an apartment building or commercial MDU.  Verizon’s Kevin Smith will offer lessons learned from Verizon’s build-out of FTTH networks specifically in MDUs at the annual 2010 FTTH Conference & Expo.  This expo is hosted by the FTTH Council (Fiber To The Home) Council, a non-profit organization focused on educating the public about the quality of life enhancements fiber-optics networks can deliver.


Over the years, since we began to building out our all fiber-optic network, the company has made many changes to improve and streamline its processes and procedures.  In addition, the company has led the way to develop and create new sets of products that are better suited to the smaller spaces typically found in most apartments. From smaller ONTs (or optical network terminals) that converts light signals to electrical signals to bendable fiber-optic wires that will not degrade the signal – even if wound 360 degrees – Verizon has evolved its offerings to better meet the needs of our customers.


These changes have helped the company to reduce costs and speed up deployment while making some very practical improvements to the overall experience for our customers.  For example our smaller ONT equipment won’t take up precious closet space for those customers living in smaller apartments.

Other changes Verizon has made are improved custom moldings in the hallways to hide the fiber-optic wires, which offer a more aesthetically pleasing view –  an added benefit to the properties that get FiOS.  Verizon technicians have even reduced the installation times and made construction less obstructive to residents.


As Verizon needs permission from the property owner or management company to wire an apartment, a strip mall or commercial property, so FiOS may be in your area, but not in your building.  You can help speed up the process of getting Verizon’s FiOS services by calling 1-866-638-6066 or send us an email to and provide the contact information for your property owner/manager, so we’ll reach out to them on your behalf.  You can even click here to complete an online form.


For more information on the benefits of a fiber-optic network or why you need more bandwidth click here.


And don’t forget, your business ‘brain’ needs to be the best it possibly can – after all, applications, expectations and speed are all evolving at light speed!



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