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Next Webinar: How to Build a Social Media Conversion System

Next Webinar: How to Build a Social Media Conversion System

Next Webinar: How to Build a Social Media Conversion System

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎12-05-2022 03:02 PM

John Jantsch.JPGGuest blog post from John Jantsch, a marketing consultant and author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine.




How to Build a Social Media Conversion System

The names, technologies, and tools of the Social Media world may seem foreign to some, but the fundamentals behind them are the same as every day marketing systems. 


Marketing is about building trust through engagement.  The trick is to create value or reason so when someone encounters your business, they want to know more.  Social media can be a time drain if gone about in the wrong way, just like any type of marketing.


In this Wednesday’s webinar I will cover the following steps on how to create your own small business social media conversion system; so, instead of wasting time, you will create a valuable lead generation and conversation platform.


Put out strategic content

Produce quality content and dispersing the information on Facebook, YouTube, Slideshare, Flicker or other social communities is the first step.


Landing pages for all choices

Build unique landing pages for each community. Create a page for your Twitter call to action, your Facebook call to action, your LinkedIn call to action and so on.


Messages must match

Personalize your landing pages so they match some element on how the visitor arrived there.


Create a ‘get to know more’ call to action

The main point of your landing page is to offer more information to your reader.  For example, offer more information in exchange for an email address or simply get them to follow you on Twitter


Test everything

There are many reasons why someone click on a link or fills out a form. You must test elements such as headlines, video use and call to action button to see where you can improve conversion.


Make sharing easy

Make sure people are able to tweet that they received valuable information from your landing page or they “Like” your page.


Personalize follow-up

Learn how to make your CRM more social so that can create customized follow up based on a prospect’s social habits.


Setting up this system may take a bit of time but once the initial work is completed, it will allow you to create both an inbound and outbound lead generation and conversation platform.  Join us this Wednesday at Verizon’s live webinar to learn how this conversion system can work for your own small business.  If you haven’t registered, click here (

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