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SMB Be Nice: Do You Say Hi and Bye to Your Customers?

SMB Be Nice: Do You Say Hi and Bye to Your Customers?

SMB Be Nice: Do You Say Hi and Bye to Your Customers?

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎03-30-2011 01:47 PM

SMILE.jpgEach of us thinks we’re important (some more so than others) especially when we’re putting money down to buy something or pay for a service.  That’s when we all want the very best treatment.  It only makes sense as we can always take our hard-earned money and spend it elsewhere.


I, like many of you, have experienced excellent, good, mediocre and very bad service.  When my experience is good, it makes me feel all warm inside and I want to tell anyone and everyone about it.


Conversely, when the experience is aggravating or borderline insulting, I get so angry I am more inclined to share my terrible experience with everyone.  That’s why we see so many comments on websites like Yelp; Urbanspoon; Angie’s List and other sites that allow anyone to post a review... which can help your business or break it.  Be reminded that people love to talk and share stories.


Now, it’s not just businesses in retail that need to be concerned with customer service.  Every business – even a doctor’s office – needs to have good service.  After all, a doctor’s office is a business too; the patient can easily see another doctor…


Earlier this week, I called my parents’ heating oil company to inquire if they were indeed billed correctly.  It seems my parents were being billed nearly double what they were billed for previously.  The owner of this company took my call and patiently explained that the statement is correct and that oil prices have gone up due to the crisis in the Middle East and that they are doing their best to keep costs down.  He was patient, kind and helpful.  It was more than I had expected and I was touched.  Good job, Mr. Woolley and thanks for taking my call!  [If you have a minute check out their website, I just noticed it was recently redesigned and it’s nice!]


Having been on both sides – a shopper and a salesperson at a number of stores including my parents’ restaurant – I know it really doesn’t take much to give good service.  It can be something as simple as a smile when someone walks in or even a, “Hi!”


Most importantly small businesses, try to acknowledge everyone who walks into your business –your restaurant, your shop, your store, or your office.  It’s the least you can do, and believe me it’ll go a long way.


Don’t get me started on why I refuse to step foot in this well-known retail store, but it does have something to do with all of their salesperson always seems busy talking to each other than assisting a potential customer.


Check out this Inc. article that gives you 7 tips to transform your company’s customer service. 


Let us know if your business is focused on customer service?

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