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Start-Ups in Harlem, Test Drive FiOS Quantum For Free

Start-Ups in Harlem, Test Drive FiOS Quantum For Free

Start-Ups in Harlem, Test Drive FiOS Quantum For Free

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎11-04-2013 08:46 AM

HarlemG.jpgStarting today entrepreneurs and startups working out of the HarlemGarage will have access to the fastest Internet connection: Verizon FiOS Internet for Business.


Verizon recently equipped its award-winning FiOS Quantum 300 megabits-per-second Internet service, free for six months, to support the high-tech, high-bandwidth needs of these innovative, new companies at HarlemGarage’s incubator location in Manhattan.


Now these budding companies will not only gain the advantages of access to the incubator office space and collaborative environment before they move into their own permanent work locations, but they will launch and conduct business on the most advance network.


Our partnership with HarlemGarage is Verizon’s second such agreement with New York City business incubators. In July, we partnered with Take the HELM (Hire and Expand in Lower Manhattan), to provide FiOS Quantum Internet service, at no charge for one year, to the winners in the startup category of the competition. Take the HELM is an initiative of the New York City Economic Development Corporation and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. 


HarlemGarage, is a MicroOffice company established in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation, and has a coworking community for 150 small businesses. For more information on this partnership click here


You know Internet connection speed is vital, particularly if you are trying to download a large file or stream a video.  With FiOS Quantum at 300 Mbps/65 Mbps a 5 minute company promotional HD video can be downloaded in 6.7 seconds or upload that video in 2.1 minutes! That same file will take over 26 minutes to upload if your broadband speed is 5 Mbps.


Now tell me, is Internet connect speed important to your business?


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