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The Advantage of Hooking Your Business Up to Fiber-Optics

The Advantage of Hooking Your Business Up to Fiber-Optics

The Advantage of Hooking Your Business Up to Fiber-Optics

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎07-28-2010 08:30 PM

fiber.JPGFiber optic cable is not necessarily better because light is faster than electricity (please, no angry responses from physicists), but because it overcomes some of the inherent disadvantages of coaxial cable. 

It has much more bandwidth (ability to carry data) than coaxial cable so it can carry that traffic much and is not subject to electromagnetic interference (EMI) from lightning storms, electrical wiring, or fluorescent lights. 

Super fast Internet speed is not the only consideration here with an all-fiber-optic connection - it's what that speed enables for your business.  Fiber-optics allows you to be more productive with features like almost instantaneous access to the Internet, and with its capacity, you'll be able to upload and download (send and email) information to your business partners with little to no wait time.  

Only Verizon brings an all-fiber optic network all the way to homes and businesses. And only Verizon's network can deliver symmetrical speeds of up to 35 Mbps (megabits per second) download and 35 Mbps upload!

For example, a business that uses a 35 Mbps upstream broadband connection could upload a 250 megabyte (MB) file or a 3,500 page document in less than 60 seconds which is more than 25 times faster than a cable connection. What this means is that a medical office can email their doctors a patient's MRI to review in minutes instead of having to wait for the doctor to get to the office - saving time and allowing the medical office to be more efficient.  

A fast broadband connection makes it easy for you to backup your company's data to a secure remote location, an important consideration of the survivability of your business.  It also allows you to make use of richer content like video on your website when you're trying to portray what your business is about when interacting with customers and prospects.

Fiber-optics protect your future and ours as well.  Theoretically, there's no limit to fiber's capacity, as there is with metallic cable.  This capacity of fiber-optics will make it easier for Verizon to offer even faster speeds and more services in the future. 

We've heard you loud and clear and are working toward making FiOS available to more of our small business customers, but it's not something we can make happen overnight.  Particularly for those businesses located in a strip mall or business complex, Verizon needs to get permission from the property owner and/or managers.

Stay tuned to  to check out our new FiOS offers.  If you know Verizon's FiOS services is available in your community and you'd like it for your business office, then please call 866-638-6066, e-mail or visit for more information.


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