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Using QR Codes to Market Your Business

Using QR Codes to Market Your Business

Using QR Codes to Market Your Business

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎11-22-2011 10:59 AM

VZSmallBiz QR code.pngQR codes have been around for quite some time.  In case you didn’t know, QR stands for “quick response.”  The QR code looks like a barcode that you can scan using a smartphone equipped with a camera and some QR code-scanning software (I’m using the app called QR Droid on my Android (Bionic) smartphone).


QR codes have been around since the 1990s but are just now becoming popular, spurred on by the growing proliferation of smartphones.  When you scan a QR code that you find on a product, a brochure, a shop window, a billboard or other place, you are automatically connected to a web page that gives you more information.  The information ranges from discounts, to product specs, invitations to events, exclusive content and more.


Recently a number of stories came out about the wonders of the QR code.


The New York Times ran an in-depth feature about the different uses that businesses, individuals and organizations have made of QR codes.  From Fashion Week promotions to department store makeup demonstrations, charitable donation solicitations and museum displays, QR codes are connecting people with information quickly and easily, wherever they are.  According to the Times, they’re even being used in place of business cards or bar napkins by people who want to make business … or personal … connections.


Blogger Maegan Carberry at Mashable speculated that QR codes could become integral parts of presidential candidates’ 2012 campaigns in the same way President Obama leveraged You Tube, Facebook and Twitter in 2008.  The Deseret News reveals how QR codes are even being used on tombstones to link mourners to web sites with videos, photos and other records that document and celebrate a person’s life.


Earlier this year Fast Company offered 13 creative ways to use QR codes for marketing.


Check out the QR code I just made, there are many websites that will allow you to make one for free


Does your business use QR codes?  If yes, please share how you are using it to drive sales or to engage with your customers. 


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