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Webinar: Business Growth Insights From 3 Women Entrepreneurs

Webinar: Business Growth Insights From 3 Women Entrepreneurs

Webinar: Business Growth Insights From 3 Women Entrepreneurs

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎09-25-2012 09:47 PM

VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgThis post is from Mark Adams, director of marketing for Verizon's small business team.



October is nearly upon us, and we look forward to celebrating this month as “National Women in Small Business” month.   Rudyard Kipling once said, “A woman's guess is much more accurate than a man's certainty.”  When I think back about all the dinner table discussions between my parents, Kipling’s quote seems accurate.  I recall that my mother won the vast majority of their debates—at least the ones that could be quantified.


The contributions of women are enormous and in this modern era, we are able to quantify more clearly the enormity of the impact of women in business.  Since World War II, as men left for the frontlines of Europe and the Pacific, women left their doorsteps in droves and headed to America’s factories.  There, they became the unsung heroes of the war machine, churning out everything that America needed in defense of freedom and democracy.


After the war, many of them never went “home” again.  Fueled by their newfound freedom, they helped to evolve America’s postwar economy into the envy of the world.  Many of them also finished high school for the first time, and many became college graduates—so many in fact that in just a couple of generations, more women are now attending and graduating from American universities than men.


It’s been a long and tough haul, but American women have even broken through the glass ceiling.  Women are now the presidents of some of our most prestigious universities.   They’re our doctors and nurses.  They’re the CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies.  They’re some of our most promising politicians. 


They’re role models, they’re troop leaders, they’re teachers, and they’re caregivers.  And, many are somebody’s moms!


Women are also Small Business owners.  In fact, according to U.S. Census data, women-owned small businesses have become the fastest growing segment within the small business community.  And, we all know how important the small business community is to our American economy.


That’s why my team, the Verizon Small Business team, thought it was important to showcase women in small business as we approach October.  We want to celebrate the successes and contributions of women-owned businesses with the larger small business community. And, we want to share their stories.


We hope you’ll join us later, Wednesday, September 26th to hear all three of their stories LIVE. 


Joining us for a panel discussion will be Linda Hollander, Debbie Sardone and Elizabeth Heins.  Each is a small business owner and entrepreneur.  Each paved her own path to success.  And each has her own story to tell, tips and insights to share with other small business owners. 


Register now at and join us live and ask your questions.  Then visit our Facebook page and share your story with us too.

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