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What Guy Kawasaki Learned from Steve Jobs

What Guy Kawasaki Learned from Steve Jobs

What Guy Kawasaki Learned from Steve Jobs

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎07-20-2012 12:23 PM

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This post is by Mark Adams, director of Verizon's small business marketing team.


Verizon’s Small Business team hosted Guy Kawasaki who shared with the audience many lessons learned while working with Steve Jobs.  Being the author of more than ten business-related books himself, Guy is such an accomplished individual that we could have spent an hour listening to him talk about his entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments.  But this time around, Guy chose to share his real-life experiences and insights working alongside an individual whom many would regard as the most successful businessman of all time—Mr. Steve Jobs!


As a result of his tenure at Apple, Guy has formulated 12 lessons he attributes to working alongside Steve Jobs.  Here are three of his lessons:


#1:  A players hire A+ players.  Find out why Steve Jobs insists this is a “must”!


#2:  Changing your mind is a real sign of intelligence.  Guy learned from Steve that it’s okay to change your mind, tune in to the webinar to find out some real life examples of how Steve changed his mind—and how Apple benefited from his change of heart!


#3:  Experts are clueless.  That’s one lesson you’ll want to know more about… and let us know if you agree. 


Of course, we could share all 12 points with you here, but you really need to treat yourself to Guy’s webinar.  As he provides each lesson learned—he backs each up with real examples, anecdotal information about Steve Jobs, Apple’s culture, and himself. 


Guy Kawasaki is always entertaining, always refreshing and always insightful.  Plus, he’s a great friend to America’s small business community.  Click here (or go to and give Guy a listen.   If want more insights from Guy click here ( as he shares tips to be enchanting (to grow your business).


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