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What Online and Social Media Content Matters the Most to Small Business Owners?

What Online and Social Media Content Matters the Most to Small Business Owners?

What Online and Social Media Content Matters the Most to Small Business Owners?

Employee Emeritus Employee Emeritus ‎06-22-2016 09:35 AM

Verizon Small Business recently conducted a three-month study to find out what online and social media content matters the most to small business owners across America. A diverse pool of over 9,000 Small Business Rewards members completed the study in mid-June 2016. Respondents’ businesses included restaurants, small retailers, home improvement services, beauty salons, real estate companies, medical provider offices, veterinarians, legal services, non-profits, and churches, among others.


Here are a few interesting insights from the survey:


Most small business owners who completed the survey are interested in learning more about new technology (40.3%) and marketing (30.4%). Testimonials (12.5%) and new trends (11.6%) sparked a moderate interest. Surprisingly, infographic was the least popular type of content among small business owners (2%).




Less than a half (44.7%) of surveyed small business owners get small business tips, inspiration, or information via social media.  Among those who find value in business-related content shared on social media, an overwhelming majority picked Facebook as their top platform (41.0%), followed by LinkedIn (20.0%) and Google Plus (17.0%). Interestingly enough, only 11.2% of small business owners indicated that they get business-related information from Twitter. Instagram was the fifth most popular network for obtaining business-related information, earning 8.7% of the votes.




People access social media for a variety of reasons. The survey revealed that 57.6% of small business owners use social media at least occasionally to obtain business-related information. Also, over a third of small business owners (38%) reported they share with their networks business-related information they find on social media channels.




Social media and online content marketing are constantly evolving. Verizon Small Business is always looking for ways to better serve small businesses across America and provide relevant information to its customers. Hopefully, these insights helped you to understand better the needs and social media preferences of small business owners.     

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