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Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: Overseas Access To Verizon Email & Webmail Is Blocked

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It has now been 3 full cycles of 24-48 hours, which was told to me by verizon as to the resolution of this issue.  So about a week.  Forwarding from Gmail has been useless, all it did was forward all my old emails from 2009 to the present, but no current emails since 9/18.  Also the forwarding feature on the Verizon sever has not yet worked.  Although I could access my verizon portal directly, it does not show any new emails.  Additionally, going through my VPN just puts the entire site in limbo.  


I understand the importance of security but come on!  Without any prior notice?  I could have put things in place that would have eased this inconvienence or found a solution to replace it altogether, but now I am playing catch up and trying to find what important emails did not reach me.  And then getting canned statements to placate me of it will be fixed in 24-48 hours is a joke.  I found that the customer service reps will not tell you anything more than it was an outage and that they are working on it.  Then from this forum I learned that it was due to overseas hacking, and when I questioned the Service rep about this, they owned up to it and then another series of canned statments came to light as they were only protecting their users saftey.  Then they fall back to the 24-48 hour resolution.  But again, I understand the concern, but in no way is this something new.  I also know that pre emtive programing can be developed piror to just shutting down the entire system instead of shutting it down and then trying to find a solution, which this appears to be.  I know for a fact that Verizon jobs out these programs overseas and the quality of these programs my be somewhat in question, but that is what testing is for.  So it appears that Verizon failed big time on this.  Why they would not just revert back to the old system until a solution is found is beyond me.  

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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talked to verizon tech... Access to email overseas a nogo

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I just got off the phone after a good bit of being on hold...


The tech support says ... no issue. no trouble ticket. Verizon is blocking access to outside U.S.for security reasons. the issue is not them they are providing the service in the United States.  This can not be the right anwser... 


majority of foriegn ip addresses are being blocked...  I can nolonger remote access my system back home in Florida.


Im in Abu Dhabi, UAE right now...  any solutions? ...would greatly be appreciated.







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Moderator Emeritus
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Re: Overseas Access To Verizon Email & Webmail Is Blocked

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Please see the link above, posted by TNS_2.

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Can't get emails from server when out of the country

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I live in Quebec, Canada for about 6 months every year.  Just recently, like these past two days, i am not able to get my Verizon emails except on Webmail.  I use Outlook 2007 and like to keep all my sent emails and input emails in one place.  After rechecking all my settings, only to discover everyone was correct, i made repeated attemps for find from Verizon what the problem was.  Finally talking to a tech representative, i was told that for "security" reasons, Verizon was restricting access to the server from some regions.  He told me that if I gave him the IP address from which I access my emails he would request an exception to the restriction, but it would take 24 to 48 hours for it to be put in place.  I find this to be unreasonable, and am being pressured by my wife to cancel all my Verizon services.

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Re: Overseas Access To Verizon Email & Webmail Is Blocked

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From my Iphone 5s and from MS outlook 2007 I can no longer connect to, or I have changed nothing on these accounts and then all of a sudden i stopped getting mail. Have spent more then 8hrs on phone with verizon support and no one seems to understand my issue. All I have recved from verizon support is being passed from one tech group to another.

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Re: Overseas Access To Verizon Email & Webmail Is Blocked

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I have a solution to all of you who are overseas and cant access your pop email .

use Tunnelbear . its free download from their wesite and gives you 500 free MB.

this way the verizon website thinks you are in the US and you can log in with your browser to your verizon inbox.

fight the power.



Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Email Problem

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I am unable to retrieve email from in France. I have this account setup on 3 devices and all worked in the US. I can't ping either. 


Web mail works but is a pain.


Any thoughts?

Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Email Problem

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Sounds like a regional block.  You might have to call in did for that.    In the meantime another user find a work around that might also work for you. 



For some reason my paste isn't working so check the email forums.   I see it on the first page 

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Email Problem

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Thanks, I understand now. They also redirect the contact us page to a site not found error, even when logged into my verizon. If I VPN into work the redirect doesn't happen.


Verizon can be a phenomenally frustrating company.  If it remains blocked when I return I'll be really upset, but I'm guessing it'll be fine (didn't read whole thread).



Bronze Contributor I
Bronze Contributor I
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Problem is also in the USA

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It is not only overseas - my T-Mobile cellullar access to my email has also been blocked. I can get email when my phone is connected to a Wi-fi network, but not over the cellular network. It has appeared to have been cleared up last night (EDT in the USA), but came back today.

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