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initiate migration to AOL Mail?

Nickel Contributor
Nickel Contributor
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Re: Email Elimination Won't Reduce Internet Bill

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They moved your message to this thread because it contains a number (actually, a very large number) of messages on the same subject.  If you read through them, you will find that most of the issues you mention are unfounded and that there are explanations of what others found as they went through the migration.


My experience was that it took about 30 minutes for my desktop computer, laptop, iPhone and iPad.  I didn't lose anything and gained a much better spam filter.  On the whole, it was pretty painless.



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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Email Elimination Won't Reduce Internet Bill

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@Bob8951 wrote:

Within minutes of my post a moderator moved this post to a heading maked issue resolved. Probably because Verizon wants to minimize the exposure of my post. Even though Verizon is taking advantage of me by not lowering my internet bill, they also don's care one little bit that the chat rep I spoke with called me "rude". Verizon does not value or respect me as a c ustomer.

Merged with a thread on the migration, because their is no need for a new thread.


  1. They are not really saving anything on your account, because they will be continuing to offer you email service through their AOL subsidary.  I suppose their is some economy by combining aol and Verzon email.
  2. Ofiicially Email was a free offering to customers and not part of your internet contract.  Several other things were once offered free, and discontiued with no other offering made available and no price change.  Personal Websites and Usenet immediately come to mind.

Remember you are mostly talking to peers here.


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eMail change to AOL

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Switching to AOL email seems to be very time comsumming.   Instructions do not seem very clear in fact some are simply confusing.  


I just installed Office 2010 because I use Outlook for all my emailing.  I have read and read the instructions that are posted from Verizon.   From what I can read I will need to get someone who knows more about computers than I do.   


Second question will Verizon lower my monthly rate now that they no longer have email?



Platinum Contributor III Platinum Contributor III
Platinum Contributor III
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Registered: ‎12-16-2012

Re: eMail change to AOL

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Other then making changes to your password, assuming you follow the recommendation to change it, no other changes need to make to Outlook or other mail clients.  You do have to follow the links on WEBMAIL to complete the conversion to AOL.


If you don't use webmail you are not concerned with things such as making sure your folder, calendars and contacts get migrated.   For such users there all on your computers.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Email move to AOL

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Hi  i had verizon fios for 8 year's and the move over to AOL mail is the biggest joke. We had a e-mail service that just gave what we ask for and that is our e-mail know we have to deal with ads and other infomation to look at but no e-mail. And the only way to stop those ads is to pay AOL $10.00 for a ad blocker that verizon should have to pay to force there customer to this site. So i'm asking Verizon to give me a answer to why i have to deal anything but what i need and that my e-mail.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: initiate migration to AOL Mail?

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This is so messed up I don't even know where to begin

I don't see where I am supposed to start a new thread so the only thing I can do is to reply

So this is not a reply to this post but it is on the subject of AOL migration

I got a notice yesterday about this move saying it will hapen on May 17 so I wanted to set it up before than


So I started the process but at the end it's asking to verify with a mobile phone

How am I supposed to do that without a mobile phone ?

Does AOL and Verizon assume that everyone in the world is using a mobile phone ?

Why isn't there an option for a landline phone


The other frustrating thing is on the AOL website where it says contact us which only works if you sign in so it's useless to anyone who is not an AOL subscriber

So there is no way to contact AOL unless you register first ?


It bogles the mind of the stupidity of the way some of the websites are set up

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Re: initiate migration to AOL Mail?

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I m getting very nervous.  I deleted my message to migrate to AOL.  Was on the phone with customer service Friday for over an hour, only for them to tell me they can't do anything about this and I will be getting a last call email by Monday.  Here it is tuesday and I have been using this email for years.  Do not want to lose everything.


PS-the message/link said we have until April 22nd.  I thought it was spam.

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Email Migration

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Received very unwanted message that I have to migrate my email account.  Hit the prompt to move over to an AOL email account ;and received message that said due to "Temporary Issue"  I could proceed no further.  Certainly gives me a great sense of security being forced into this change.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: initiate migration to AOL Mail?

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Just received a message from another company that knows about the Verizon switch to AOL email.    They said April 28th is when all the emails will be migrated to AOL.    However,  I never received any notice whatsoever, and when signing into verizon's webmail there is no option to migrate.   Should I worry?

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Re: initiate migration to AOL Mail?

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So it's now 4/20 and verizon's website still shows how to set up email accounts! What gives?

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