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wireless internet

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wireless internet

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Hi there

I'm new to this at my house. I have a ton of neighbors that I'm certain will be using my wireless connection.

How do i block them from using my wireless signal? I'm up and running and it won't be long before someone sees that and then my speed will go down the tubes.

How do I set things up that only I have access to my own wireless connection?


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Re: wireless internet

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Activate wireless security on your wireless router.  I suggest WPA2 and a Passphrase that you can remember.

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Re: wireless internet

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You actually have several choices about how to keep most unwanted 'guests' off your wireless network.


1). MAC filtering. each PC wireless card (or its equivalent built in) has  a MAC (Media Access Controller) address  that is unique (it is 48 bits long). You can set up your wireless network to only accept connections from MAC's on your list.. Generally the MAC address is listed on the computer if it  is wireless and built in, if you use a wireless card, it will be part of the documentation if it isn't actually on a label on the card. Failing that, you can connect to your  wireless network , and if you log into the router, it should be able to show you the MAC address of all connected devices. (yes, hardwire ethernet adapters also have a MAC address).


2). Turnoff the SSID broadcast. This makes it difficult (but not impossible) for others to connect to your network, because the name of the network is not broadcast. To use the network, users must know the name of the network.


3). Use Wireless security. While WPA is more secure, the reality is WEP will keep 99.9% of potential 'trespassers' out. I have my doubts that even the best WPA can keep the most determined hacker out. However it is unlikely that your neighbors are that sophisticated, and most hackers will go for the wireles network that is easiest to get onto. Just make sure that isn't your network.

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Re: wireless internet

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That sounds too confusing to me.... and I just posted a question on here thinking about getting a wireless modem. They don't ask for passwords & such when you 1st set them up? 

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Re: wireless internet

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The process isn't that confusing at all. It looks like a lot, but that is just because it is a wall of text 🙂 . The actual process is a few mouse clicks and some typing. There's no command lines since everything can be done from the web browser. Verizon's modems technically do not need setting up out of the box for Wireless connectivity, but it is recommended to change the wireless security they use since Verizon preconfigures the modems using the weakest security setting,  WEP.


If you tell us which router you currently have, we can help you check it's security settings and change them if needed.

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