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How to set up gigabit internet on MOCA Network

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Re: How to set up gigabit internet on MOCA Network

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You got it. Glad to help. 

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Re: How to set up gigabit internet on MOCA Network

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Hi there,


Apparently your suggestion to this thread was the "final answer", which I find encouraging:


"Take the ECB6200 and place it with the G1100. Take the coax out of the G1100 and connect it to the the ECB6200. Then connect an ethernet cable from the G1100 LAN port to the ECB6200."


I am trying to achieve Gigabit intranet (LAN) speeds, in order to transfer large files between computers throughout my house and a NAS unit attached to my G1100 router (with everybody in a five-person household working from home now, this has become A Thing I Need). And the computers are on different floors of a three story house plus basement; Wi-Fi signals do not reach everywhere very well.


I understand that Verizon caps WAN MoCA speeds to 100 Mbps at the ONT due to the coaxial cable sharing the TV and phone data from/to the outside, but that my Gigabit FiOS service is connecting my G1100 to the ONT via Ethernet. As I understand things ,this should free up my MoCA for LAN speeds to its full potential (length of cable and good connectors dictating the signal strength).


Right now, I have both an Ethernet and a coaxial connection from the ONT to my G1100 (from when I only had 100 Mbps FiOS and didn't have the Ethernet connection to the ONT).


I already have a MoCA "extender" in my basement, an Actiontec WCB3000N that I've been using for about 6 years. It is providing reasonably good Wi-Fi down there, but even wired ethernet to it only gets me about 85 Mbps. I believe this may be because it's spec'ed as MoCA 1.1 (not 2.0) which is limited to 175 Mbps.


I just got an ECB6200, which supports MoCA 2.0, and attached it to the coax cable running to my first floor that ran to the STB in my living room (which I've gotten rid of). It easily worked to provide an Ethernet based connection to a computer, but again, topping out around 95 Mbps (11.5-12 MB/s).


I was hoping to see this connection be significantly faster than the one in the basement, i.e., operating at MoCA 2.0 speed of around 500 Mbps (if not bonded/full Gigabit - I don't think the G1100 supports bonded 2.0).


So now I'm wondering what I should to do get at least Moca 2.0 speeds, if not bonded speeds, in my home network.


a) Do I need to do something configuration-wise on my G1100 to get it to use Moca 2.0? (I wouldn't think so)


b) Is it the presence of the MoCA 1.1 WCB3000N forcing the G1100 to operate at MoCA 1.1 for all devices? If so, I can upgrade that to the successor WCB6200Q extender. I've read that the G1100 should be able to "talk" 2.0 and 1.1 to different devices on the same LAN, but maybe that doesn't mean at the proper respective speeds.

c) Do what you suggested, and get another ECB6200 to connect to the ONT and attach to the G110 via one of the four Gigabit Ethernet ports? (I think I can free one up...)


Since the ECB6200 supports Bonded MoCA, even if the G1100 does not, if I did that and then replaced my basement extender with the WCB6200Q, would every level of my house now have wired bonded MoCA Ethernet speed?

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Re: How to set up gigabit internet on MOCA Network

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Hi..... reading through this thread 



Here is my current network set up.


Fios Gigabit ------> Ethernet------>Edgerouter X --- > ECB6200 (Bonded) ---- > COAX --- > ECB6200 (Bonded) ----> Ethernet Cable-----> Ubiquiti Smart With ----- Ethernet Cable(s) -----> Clients


I am able to get up to 750mbps through the network (iPerf3 Tests)


I recently purchased the ECB6250 units (MOCA 2.5) to see  if gigabit speed (900+) could be achieved. I did a simple swap out and replace. The ECB6250 units could not achieve greater than 175mps. The COAX light on both units flickered. 


I removed both ECB6250's and replaced the old units. 750mbps back up and running


I also run two verizon STB's (not Fios One)


Any advice?





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Re: How to set up gigabit internet on MOCA Network

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ECB6200 has firmware issues that make it incompatible with majority of MoCA 2.5 devices without configuration. Since you are not mix-matching ECB6200 and ECB6250, there should not be a problem.


ECB6200s should achieve over 900Mbps+. There is a video tutorial made by one of the community leaders to the right of the page. ECB6250 should achieve nearly 1Gbps too because it is running MoCA 2.5.


Are you sure you are using MoCA-compatible splitters on the coax line? You need MoCA splitters that are rated at least 1150MHz.


ECB6200 is not officially supported by Verizon, ECB5240M is. It is even cheaper than buying ECB6200 from Actiontec.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: How to set up gigabit internet on MOCA Network

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I am using BAMF SB-2002 (5-2300MHz) splitters


If the splitters were the issue I do not think I would be getting 750mbps speeds with the ECB6200. 



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