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The Wireless MAC Authentication link has disappeared...?

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Copper Contributor
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Re: Certificate Error, Router home page hacked? (

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Requiring customers to create an account at twitter in order to contact tech support - that's one of the funniest things I ever heard!

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Copper Contributor
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Registered: ‎03-11-2019

Re: Certificate Error, Router home page hacked? (

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Hey guys,
Here is a workaround I just tried. It does not enable MAC filtering but at least all my devices are now connected to Wi-Fi. Unfortunately some of them connected to 2.4 GHz rather than 5 because with that feature enabled you can no longer to choose where to connect. I will probably use it until Verizon release an update with MAC filtering back or downgrade my firmware to the previous release (I created a ticket with their tech support though I doubt about them to move a finger in order to help customers.
So here is the workaround which worked for me (and not necessarily will work for you)))))
1. Open this page
Wireless Settings -> Advanced Security Settings -> Other Advanced Wireless Options
2. Click Yes if prompted
3. At the very top enable "Self-Organizing Network Enabled"
After applying the setting you will have single SSID for both 2.4 and 5 GHz and client should prefer 5 unless its signal is too weak. No configurable threshold at this point unfortunately.

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Re: The Wireless MAC Authentication link has disappeared...?

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This is a huge CROCK!!!! Can't access my router even after a factory restore.   I get the {word filter avoidance} about back ceriticate.  Try to go to page anyway and I just loop back to the warning page.

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Re: FiOS Quantum G1100 / BHR4 Router - Missing the Advanced Filtering capability of the MI424WR

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Old thread, it's about a year or more later and I'm still peeved about loosing my MAC filter for my home network. I have a Verizon Quantum router with firmware version and It's been more than a year and the firmware still has not been updated to version 02.03 that supposedly re-enables MAC filtering like some have suggested.


There is a work around to get MAC filtering security back on your network though. You can actually piggyback another router that does have MAC filtering on it onto your Verizon router and there's not one thing Verizon can do about it ha ha. Take that Verizon!! One time a long time ago I piggybacked a Linksys router I had onto an older Verizon router I had before the Quantum router because I liked the Linksys router management software better than the Verizon software.


If I remember correctly, what you do is turn off wireless on your Verizon router, then connect a ethernet cable from the "internet" port of the Linksys router to any available ethernet port on the back of the Verizon router.  Can't remember exactly,  You may have to try different connection variations.  It will work.  With the proper connection the Verizon router then automatically assigns an IP address to the LInksys router and that's it.  Set up the MAC filter on the Linksys and just run all your wireless devices through the Linksys router.  I think I'm probably gonna do this soon cause I really want my MAC filter security back and I'm not holding my breath waiting for Verizon to re-enable MAC filtering. I'll probably get a Linksys router that is as updated and fast as the Quantum router to keep things running smooth and fast. It's a shame that I gotta fork out more money just to get a MAC filter back on my network. I hate dictators.


Oh one other thought, if you have a problem connecting to the internet through the piggybacked router it may be the type of cable.  There are patch cables and crossover cables.  Not sure which one I used.  Crossover cables allow for simultaneous bi-directional data.  If and when I employ the piggyback work around on my network I will post an update with confirmation of the details.

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