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I've had FiOS for 3 weeks now coupled with a brand new TV (Panasonic Viera G25).  The first week the picture was great.  Now I am noticing on HD channels, during fast action scenes or very fast changes of color (when someone is running fast, splash of water or someone turns on the lights in a movie), there is tiling and sometimes pixelation.  It seemed at first the TV could not keep up with the signal.  However when I played some fast action blu-ray movies, the TV looked great.


I called Verizon tech services and they made me check the incoming signal and it was very strong. My signal is set to 1080i and they really can't tell me whats wrong, they blame the TV which I don't agree with.  The recommended getting component cables and removing the HDMI cable (they provided) from my DVR to my TV.


Anyone have any better suggestions?  I switched to FiOS because I heard how awesome their picture quality was.  Anyone have these problems? Any known remedies?

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Re: Pixelation/Tiling

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You need to go to the channels that have the issue, and check the inband status SNR for those channels. 


Pick the channel,  press consecutively power/select/select(select is sometimes "ok") on the front of the cable box,  use the cursor and highlight inband status, click OK and note the SNR for any channel that you get picture quality issues.  Hit the power button to exit the power-select-select menu options.    Pick another channel and repeat.


If using HDMI, power cycle your TV to see if issue goes away.  Many tv cause HDMI issues so give it a reboot.

If power cycling the TV doesn't help, and if using HDMI, power cycle the STB to see if issue goes away.   If it goes away, welcome to the world of electronic incompatibility and use component cables.


A power cycle is defined as unplugging the device from power(your AC outlet) for at least 3 minutes, plugging it back in, and waiting a couple of minutes for it to reboot itself and startup.


If SNR <35db for (2 for dvr's,  1 snr for SD and non-DVR STB's),   reseat the coax at the back of the STB and at the walljacks/splitters. 


If SNR stays under 35db,  call for a dispatch.  Make sure the tech support notes to the field tech to bring a Sunrise meter to take all channel measurements.




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Re: Pixelation/Tiling

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Hello, we've had problems with pixelation/tiling and sound dropping out since day one with Verizon Fios. We've had techs out  numerous times (and have even been stood up twice) and they have never fixed the problem. I'm about to call them again today. Wish I could offer a "solution" but the problems continue.

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Re: Pixelation/Tiling

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the pixelation thing is horrible. makes me want to cancel my service. For the amount of money I pay it should be fine. But there are multiple channels that this affects on a daily basis, this combined with the lack of on demand working and the messing around with that is enough for me to go back to comcast.


yes, I've reset my set top box multiple times, new TV.

Annoyed customer.

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Re: Pixelation/Tiling

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try selecting one of the default picture settings on the panny. anything but vivid. try thx or standard and see if the pixeling goes away. reset it to the default option is you have changed it. also note that the panny (at least the 2012 models) will retain the picture setting of each individual input when switching between them. meaning if you setup watching blu-ray player with thx and fios with custom, those settings will be reinstated when switching between them. the panny in the vivid mode will cause pixelation. even if you change some of the options in that paticular mode, others aren't accessible.


use custom mode to make the picture the way you like it but leave video nr, block nr, mosquito nr, motion smoother OFF.


for more info about your panny go over to:


also of interest might be the link there to d-nice's settings/issues thread.


a decent starting point for custom settings (but this might be for a newer model):


Contrast: 78
Brightness: 56
Color: 47
Tint: 0
Sharpness: 0
Color Temp: Warm2
Video NR: Off

Pro Settings...

Color Space: Normal
W/B high R: -1
W/B high G: -2
W/B high B: +1
W/B low R: +10
W/B low G: 0
W/B low B: +2

Black Extension: 0
Gamma Adjustment: 2.4
Panel Brightness: Mid
Contour Emphasis: Off
AGC: 0

Advanced Picture...

Mosquito Noise: Off
Motion Smoother: Off
Black Level: Light





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