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Big troubles with MRDVR upgrade to 500mb 7232-P2

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Big troubles with MRDVR upgrade to 500mb 7232-P2

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MVDVR service was working fine until I paid the $40 to upgrade to the new moto 7232 with 500mb DVR.  Followed instructions to swap the boxes and activate the new one, but now I have a multitude of connectivity problems which calls to tech support fail to resolve.   All of the problems initially seem to be solved by unplugging the DVR (coax and power), rebooting router, and connecting the coax and then powering-up the box... but then return after ca. 30min.



1.  Subscribed channels randomly are unavailable (either "not subscribed" or "currently unavailable") - even tho' these channels can be watched from other boxes in the house.  Sometimes returning to the channel helps, but usually have to reboot again.


2.  Remote DVR access doesn't work: on the box, hitting enable remote DVR access gets the message "Help is not currently available"


3.  Periodically (and randomly), accessing the "menu" takes 15sec after hitting the button, and each up- or down-button (on remote control) takes 15sec to register.


4. after rebooting and watching a misc channel (e.g. Comedy Central, NOT HD), the screen will freeze (as if I paused), but it never "wakes up".  Other channels are now unavailable, except the basics.   


5. channel guide info is usually available (even when channels are not), but sometimes I can access the channels when there is no channel guide info ("please wait")


Trouble shooting:  


Verizon tech sez NO problems appear from their end, except an occasional bad ping.  But, hitting "B" on remote when a channel is unavailable gives the troubleshooting screen saying "no network connection" and " ...your set-top box is having trouble communicating with external network"


Calling the number on the screen and entering the "quick code" doesn't work: the auto-trouble shooting system says "sending a signal to your box", but this never fixes anything... asking to be transfered to tech support transfers the call to sales(!); the sales person manually transferred the call to tech support - who couldn't fix it.   


Note: 2 other STBs in the house (non-DVR, but HD) have no problems with guide or channels, other than not being to access the MRDVR.  Internet to the computers, etc works just fine throughout.


I have NOT returned my old Moto MRDVR yet, since I didn't want to lose the working box before getting the new box up (no, the old box is not connected 😉   Some folks say problems clear up once the old box is deactivated by VZ when it gets returned, but my problems with the new box seem much worse than most - I think it's a bad box.


Any advice or suggestions?   I'm getting increasingly annoyed about having spent $40 to lose usable service for a week now.

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Re: Big troubles with MRDVR upgrade to 500mb 7232-P2

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I'm really sorry about the troubles you've been experiencing since you swapped stb's.  What you are describing isn't an issue with the equipment, but an issue with the signal reaching the equipment.  These messages,  "no network connection" and " ...your set-top box is having trouble communicating with external network", are messages that you receive when the stb isn't connecting with the Verizon home router. 

There's an easy fix.  Just unplug the DVR from power, then unscrew the coaxial cable that comes from the wall going into the DVR from the DVR.  Wait about 60 seconds or so, then screw the cable back unto the DVR, and plug it back into power.  That should resolve the issue.

We see this a lot when changes to equipment are made in the home.  Whether you are moving the stb, or upgrading it, its possible that the connection you make with the coaxial will be insufficient.  That's where the above steps will normally fix your problem.  If you're still having issues after following those steps, replace the coaxial that comes from the wall into the DVR.  Its possible the cable is the issue also.

Let us know if this fixes your problem, or if you need further assistance.

Verizon Support

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Re: Big troubles with MRDVR upgrade to 500mb 7232-P2

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I'm experiencing issues with the new box as well.  I have a 3rd one coming to me now and hopefully this one works or I will reques my original motorola DVR box back that seemed to be flawless.  My Motorola 7232-P2 HD DVR keeps resetting or once i get it going it by pulling the power cable and resetting the pic freezes and it locks up.  I also cant turn it on and then I have to re-set.  One tech told me the box has compatability issues with some HDMI cables so I hooked it up to a different TV and HDMI cable and still had the same issues.  They told be to use Composit cables but I want to stick to HDMI since I have it going through a home theater system.  Any one else have issues or have figured out how to get this box to work? 

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Re: Big troubles with MRDVR upgrade to 500mb 7232-P2

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This is exactly why I havent upgraded mine yet. I figure if its not broke dont change it. lol When I had Bright House before Fios I got a newer box and always had issues with it. Went back to the old ones and worked fine. Its almost as if they release the boxes to early before working out all of the kinks.

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Re: Big troubles with MRDVR upgrade to 500mb 7232-P2

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Since I do not have MRDVR I cannot address that issue, but I can state that some users have reported troubles when daisy-chaining the DVR with an AVR prior to the TV. Have you tried a direct connection from DVR to TV, just to experiment? You would need to run a separate audio signal to the AVR. Certain brands of AVR seem to be more troublesome than others. You might also check to ensure that all your equipment have the latest firmware. If the direct connect works for you, a good resource is, where owners of various pieces of equipment discuss issues and solutions.

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