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Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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how is it that the customer service for a company can continue to get worse and worse?  i don't know, but verizon has been able to manage that.  verizon should be an example of how not to keep customers.  i wonder if they didn't have such a monolopy if their service could remain as bad as it is and still stay in business. i called for a quote for services and talked to14 different people throughout the country for business internet rates with static ip addresses in ca.  their website has one price and i was quoted 14 different prices and services with the same question asked and none of them matched what the website says.  their is no accountability on on prices quoted.  i have the name, location, and employee number or extension number of each person i talked to as well as the prices i was quoted over the phone. none match my actual bill and when i call to complain, i am transferred all over, hung up on, and ignored.  i'm told that the rep gave me incorrect information and they are sorry.  they won't do anything.  supervisors are the worst.  they are the least helpful, it's no wonder the customer service reps are so bad.  i never thought things could get worse than gte until verizon took them over.  as bad as it is now, i think it can't possibly get worse, but i am 100% confident.they will find a way to get worse, they haven't failed yet.

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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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If you don't know the % figures of good service vs bad service, then don't give the numbers. Had 3 different specialized techs doing their particular task to install our system.. Well 1 out of 3 did their job correctily.


The one who laid our cable line cut our water line.. ie always verify your route... I'm currently trying to get payment for the wasted water, and, as usually for a big company, they said I corresponded to the wrong dept. And insist I call instead of write. Please note, I still like written documentation.. ie a Customers Choice.. For example, here is just a sample of their English?? "..This will not never be handled out of correspondence. Please call cust serv. Transferred letter to complaint depart...."


So I may not know the figures... But in my case, I have dealt with 4 Reps... and 3 suck... So for little ol' me this is 75% bad service.

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Verizon uses people in the Philippines who do not care whether they fix your problem or not. DOES VERIZON. They hang up on you and the web site is designed to discourage any help. The best thing anybody can do is CANCEL THEIR VERIZON INTERNET SERVICE. I regret every leaving AOL. I never had any problem with them and when I had a question they were willing to help find the answer. Most of the time it was me. It is a shame when qualified Americans are UNEMPLOYED and they choose to use foreign labor but Verizon want your American Dollars. It is time to send a message TO VERIZON CORPORATION telling them we as American are tired of their treatment. This is a non-union company who hates for Americans to earn a fair living but the Corporate Bib Fat cats enjoy the big profits off us by using foreign labor. WAke up American. Why are we in the mess with no American working.  Thank you VERIZON..

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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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Yes, we also got a quote from Verizon that was renigged on within a few hours after installation.  We are very diappointed with Verizon's veracity.  They apparently cannot be trusted.

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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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You have hit upon the big problem and that is communication breakdown. In 4 years of VZ service, I have had many breakdowns in service that varies from 1 day to almost two weeks. The problem has always, always, always been located in the CO. VZ would go a long, long, long way with customer service if they had phone numbers that you could reach someone in the USA that is located regionally near company offices. I am not sure if today's corporations care much about customer satisfaction reputation but they REALLY care about stockholder satisfaction. They don't even care about customer attrition because it costs less to get a new customer than it does to keep a customer satisfied. If it were physically possible, they would offshore their field techs. I'm in south central PA. Imagine how well it could work if there were a call center that handled central PA / northern MD and the north part of NJ & Phila. Those centers would have a direct line to each CO and could call direct and ask..."do you have a problem in such and such a location." Then when we have problems we could get an answer yes/no and how long until a fix. If it isn't in the CO then we would know that we need to call the number for people to be sent to our house or phone line checks. My current problem has lasted a week and they wasted the time of a tech to come to my house. After a call yesterday to VZ, they sent me to a higher tier support center that really sounded line a USA center. They did a different check of the lines and finally concluded there is a problem with a cable on one of the poles. Which poles he could not say but they will be sending a bucket truck to run along the lines to check. Because of the ridiculous protocol were we start in India, they do their questioning protocol like "what operating system do you use", their full line check protocol where they do a line check, it shows errors, they must wait 4 hours, another line check shows errors, they must wait 12 hours to do another check and then they can consider a maintenance ticket. BUT they don't know if it is a CO problem, a cable on the pole problem, etc. so they waste a techs time coming to the house when most of the time it is a CO problem and at times a problem on a pole. Sorry for run on sentences. A different service report protocol would in the long term save VZ money and be more efficient. Hm? Long term thinking, now there is something that Corps don't normally consider. To be honest looking at the current financial mess, a lot of citizens don't use long term thinking but that is another story.
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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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Ha ha ha ha communication is NOT in the VZ dictionary.


Fifteen minutes ago my cell phone rang but it was in the other room and I didn't get to it in time.  Looked and it was VZ calling.  Since they are working on my problem and I have an appointment for a tech tomorrow I thought maybe they are following up or confirming the appointment.


When I dialed the number I realized that I am heading into the land of frustration.  I was reaching the India call center and my simple question is "why did you call?"  I knew it would not be simple and I am now 17 minutes into the call.  The past 5 minutes I've been listening to that incessant on-hold music.


Communication is so bad you can't even call back and ask ---- what did you want?


At this point I am a bit rude.  I refused to follow their script.  I told them I called to find out why VZ called me.  Then they went into the what are the other numbers for us to contact you,  I see there was a tech out two days ago what did he do, blah, blah blah.  Again I told them, I will not go through with your script, you find out and I will wait.


SO here I sit doing work and allowing VZ to try and figure out why they called me.


Communication breakdown!  Smiley Sad




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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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This funny but that the same time NOT funny,  Seems like I'm not the only one receiving bad service. I just not off the phone, spending more than a hour on the phone and I'm no where near getting close to resolve my issue. I spoke with a manager to no avail. I asked to speak to his boss, all he could tell me was to go on the website and file a complaint with corporate. Guess what? I can't find anywhere on the website where I can file a complaint to corporate. I keep getting rerouted to other things unrelated to what I'm looking for. PAR for the course when it comes to customer service.

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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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Have you tried Googling for their Manhattan Office? I was able to find it with a quick search.


Verizon Communications, Inc.

140 West Street

New York, NY 10007


Even though some sites say this address is not there, it's kind of hard to pack up an entire Headquarters like that and set up someplace else. Better to write a formal letter to Verizon than to send off an e-mail.

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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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I have more than 7years experience in dealing with Verizon. It makes me so annoyed, and I am only a part time user.

My problem is always billing and customer service.  Each person you speak to, after a long period of time, as much as 2hours waiting and then customer services answer, but guess, the conversation is totally ignored by that member of staff and I repeat the exercise once more, until infact I just abandon and await for reprisals from Verizon.

Please explain, if you know why VERIZON do not do operate transfer charge calls, is it because it easier to charge the customer excessive charges.

I travel all over the world, it is only Verizon's communications (or lack of ) that intollerable to bear.

How can they charge a 10 minute transfer charge call to another country at the costly amount of $53 dollars plus taxes charged to the customer, and it is only when the bill is received that the customer is aware..........


Customer service problems then become billing problems............communication with customers is essential .

With regard to billing, surely Verizon staff should check on previous billings what is to be charged at the present time.

Continuatey is the key, staff cannot function if they are not trained or informed on how to do the job.

Have you noticed that each time you contact Verizon, another member of staff  enters the equation,.....................  




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Re: Address for Complaints on Poor Service

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We had a bundled package with Verizon for 5 years.  When they kept hiking up our rates and refusing to negotiate a new package with us, we cancelled.  If you do choose to cancel: beware!!  Their shady practices and incredible incompetence may just lead you on the same route we found ourselves on with them.  Since January 7, 2012 I have called and called and called regarding our account.  Apparently we had TWO accounts with them--one for our landline and the rest for our internet and TV.  For 5 years we only ever received one bill, but when we cancelled we suddenly had two accounts.  The rocket scientist, "Angela" who handled my cancellation only cancelled the phone service and we kept getting bills.  Finally "Mr. White" figured out what "Angela" had NOT done and claimed he would cancel BOTH accounts retroactively.  We then started receiving a credit statement from one account in the amount of $83.40 and a BILL on the other account in the amount of $83.40.  The amazing accountants Verizon employs are apparently incapable of putting those two numbers together and coming up with zero.  Everytime I called I was assured the situation would be taken care of and to "disregard" the bills. On 3/20/2012 "Melissa" in Financial Services said she would take care of it and would CALL ME if she had any problems zeroing out the balance with the credit.  She never called, so I assumed she had done her job.  My mistake!  Yesterday we received notice in the mail that Verizon has sent us to a collections agency for $83.40.  Well, if we have a credit on our account of $83.40 and have had this credit since January, I think I should take THEM to collections for that!!!!  Why can't these **bleep** just put the two accounts together (the way we were billed on them for 5 years) and see that we OWE THEM NOTHING!  I am absolutely livid.  I spoke with another "supervisor" last night who assured me he would take care of the problem.  I asked for this in writing.  He sent me a standard Verizon email about how to pay my bill online.  Really????  I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau and, should they use this to attack my credit rating, I will hire a lawyer.  Run, don't walk, away from this unethical, incompetent company.  I don't care if they come up with the sweetest deals in town in the future, I will NEVER USE ANY VERIZON SERVICE AGAIN!

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