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Verizon blocks ports?

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Registered: ‎01-13-2010

Verizon blocks ports?

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I have DSL & Actiontec GT704-WG. I opened a port to host online game, but when I use a port scanner found here:


It tells me my port is closed even though I forwarded everything correctly. Does verizon block any ports besides 80? I only use windows firewall so i know its not a firewall problem. Anyone with same router can help me?




heres a snapshot of my router

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Verizon blocks ports?

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Verizon itself doesn't block ports at the head end besides port 25 for smtp outgoing email.  they basically don't let spammers bounce messages off their smtp servers to send emails.   Port 80 is questionably blocked by region - I have seen a lot of users in the forums that have port 80 unblocked.  and then sporadically a user forum member will say its blocked but most people say its unblocked now.  VZ made that decision middle of last year.



The router that verizon provides has a firewall and like all firewalls it blocks a BUNCH of stuff.  that's what firewalls do.  it's kinda their gig.


If you port forward, try to use for a good guide.


Basically this is stuff you probably know, but I'll recap just in case.


Set your pc to have it's own IP address   - you'll configure that on your PC nic settings under tcpip v4


then go into the router, and open the proper ports.  I don't know what ports your game wants, but make sure the source port is set to any, and do not specify a number in that section.


make sure its pointed to the IP you gave your PC, and apply the changes and try again.


if that doesn't work there may be one or two users here that will pop up that may have additional info, but you can also reach out on the forums and see if you can get some answers there,   DSL Tech support won't help with any port forward configurations.  they consider it advanced and out of their boundaries.




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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: Verizon blocks ports?

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BTW on that snapshot, if you can show us the rules you are using then we can help more.

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Re: Verizon blocks ports?

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#1 If it said closed, then start the server for what ever you are forwarding for.


The ports should change to open.


#2 If it said

Reason: Connection timed out



Then, please do what suggested.





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