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What in the world is going on with this line

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What in the world is going on with this line

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I recently became a Verizon Online subscriber a few short months ago and have been having the strangest issues with my service. First with the basics, 3 Mbps line with a direct Ethernet connection into the supplied Westell modem. I would place my computer knowledge on the high end of the scale as well.


As for the problems, my service always drops when it rains. I figured it would come back up, but I’ve waited 3-4 days before and nothing changed. My DSL light on the modem consistently blinks and the Internet light never once turns on. Then I am forced to call tech support and contemplate suicide for 40 minutes and the problem goes unsolved. I didn’t expect them to solve it, I just wanted someone to come out and physically look at the line outside. Here is the kicker, once I get a service request and disconnect from tech support my Internet always comes back on within 10 minutes. I called less than an hour ago and soon as I hung up set the stop watch on my phone and sure enough 2 minutes and 34 seconds after the call was ended, I am connected online again. It happened just like this when I was offline for 3 days as well. I am only connected at 608 Kbps currently, though. It has happened all 4 times I have received a service request, what gives? When the technician comes out they always tell me the same story “Well it would be easier to track down if you had no connection at all.”


The last service guy replaced the connection that goes into my apartment, what should I suggest be done this time? Why does my connection always seem to mysteriously come back on directly following a service request? It is beyond the realm of coincidence.  

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Re: What in the world is going on with this line

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I believe that when Vz runs a line test over your dsl copper lines, there is actually a current being passed over the lines for the purpose of getting an electrical reading on the lines. The line test itself may change the conductivity of the copper wires in a positive way, thus after the line test is run you are able again to get a connection.


Do you have Vz telephone landline service as well? Do you hear static on the phone at times when it rains and the DSL goes out?


If you are a Vz landline customer, you may consider calling into 1-800 Verizon and when the system prompts you, ask for Tech Support/Repair for phone service. When you get to an agent, explain the problems you are asking and ask if you line from your apt to the central office has been changed. If not ask if they will do that to resolve this issue. It is not 100% guaranteed it will clear it, but it may.


Hope this helps.

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