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No Dial Tone

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Registered: ‎09-24-2010

No Dial Tone

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I switched back to Verizon because I heard their service improved, boy were they wrong, no dial tone, sounds like an open line, the internet still works everything checked out all the way to the demark so it's on Verizon's end, after going through the **bleep** automated menu's I finally managed to get a repair ticket in... A WEEK TO REPAIR THE PROBLEM!!!!!! I should have stayed with Comcast and VOIP.

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Platinum Contributor III
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Re: No Dial Tone

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I only had that happen once in 5 years, and the service had worked and just stopped. Tech support had me coldstart the ONT, by unpluging the power plug to the wall outlet, disconnecting the backup connecttion, and waiting a minute. Connected the battery, then the power plug and all was back. Like I said only once this happened. Doing the cold boot solved the issue and no tech visit was required. If they did not have you try this as a last resort, shame on them.

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Re: No Dial Tone

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We've had no dial tone on our house phone since the last rain storm in Delaware, which was Thursday, Sept. 30th. I keep calling Verizon and never get a person, am on hold for awhile, and finally give up because we have to get on with life. I've tried 7 times. Finally on Saturday Oct. 9th, I got a person in the repair department who said "you've got a short in your line somewhere...make sure all your phones are in their cradles". DUH We have one phone and are capable of hanging it up properly.

So, we've had this phone for 27 years in this house, and have been loyal to Verizon. Next problem is  -how to I get rid of this account, since we can not afford to pay Verizon to come into our home and fix it, if it's not their problem outside? The way they are set up, if they have to come inside your home, you will have a bill. You would think that Verizon would waive those types of fees, rather than lose an account. But I guess not.

So, here we are STUCK with a phone that won't work. And while I'm at it, I wish they would stop calling my business phone pushing this Fios thing!

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Silver Contributor III
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Re: No Dial Tone

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I assume both you guys declined the inside wiring service contract, right? You should never decline that option if you can't fix it yourselves.

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Copper Contributor
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Re: No Dial Tone

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 All I can suggest you do is call 800-VERIZON and follow prompts for billing.  Those reps seem to be able to get someone from repair to talk to you better than the repair dept customer service reps can. 

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Re: No Dial Tone

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I have no dial tone since yesterday.  The earliest repair date I could get is some time next Tuesday.  I now find I can get incoming calls and the dial tone is restored for a minute or so after I hang up.  I got a call from some one claiming to be from verizon asking if my service is restored but he hung up before I could explain what is going on.  Now i don't know if my appoiintment is still active.

I was thinking of switching my tv cable and internet to FIOS but having to wait almost a week for repair has soured me on Verizon. Instead, I am considering switching to another phone company. I remember when a service call was made a few hours after calling for repair.

Copper Contributor
Copper Contributor
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Re: No Dial Tone but internet

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Odd because when I unplug everything as they say I can hear the off the hook sound and sometimes the recording telling me to hang up and try again.  But no dial tone (friends get busy signal) but internet works fine. 


And yes a week before anyone can come out.  If I can hear things on the line shouldn't they be able to sound it out?


I do have inside maintainence but since it is all on one jack and one phone - what is broken?

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Re: No Dial Tone but internet

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Same problem here- No dial tone but internet (DSL) works fine. I plug in a phone outside at the service box and it works fine, got a dial tone, make and receive calls.. outside. I guess I could leave the phone outside like they did on the TV show Green Acres!!

The DSL modem / internet works on all of the inside phone jacks, plug a phone in the same jack, no dial tone...notta.

I called customer service and scheduled a repair for 10/19/12,  they showed up on 10/17/12 when no one was home. I called on 10/19/12, the date that I had orginally scheduled and I was told they had no record of a service call scheduled for 10/19/12.  Verizon  was nice enough to offer a new service date though... Nov. 20th  -a month away!!!

I'm so over their poop, I've gotta find a way to get another ISP so i can tell Verizon to shove it up their Woopseedaisy !  

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Re: No Dial Tone

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Today no dial tone. Checked all phones inside house, unplugging each until reaching the master phone. No luck. While out a phone message was left on our answer machine. My wife picked up the phone and got a dial tone. I checked it and no dial tone. Then went to the box outside and plugged in on both receptacles and no dial tone. Verizon will not be able to be here until Sept. 14th and no cell phone service at this location. Prior to contacting service by the internet I sat on my neighbor's phone for 20 minutes after hearing that they were suffering a heavy volume  and would be back to me in 7-10 minutes. Can't figure out how the Public Utilities Commission lets them get away with this! 

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Re: No Dial Tone

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