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spam detector not working?

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Re: spam detector not working?

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Hubrisnxs:  I want to amend my last comment to add:  1.  I do appreciate your efforts and am a little heated over this issue.


2.  My main complaint is that Verizon used to have extremely good SPAM filtering.  It really was excellent in my opinion.


3.  Verizon's filtering in the last few months has been terrible.  Really, it truly is now terrible.  That means they have weakened the filtering thereby eliminating the few false positives that use to occur but at the expense of now passing five to ten SPAM emails per day on to me.  Clearly they have made a deliberate choice here and the results are lots of SPAM getting through.


4.  I have been using computers since the 70's (getting a little long in the tooth here), have a degree in Comp. Sci. (long time ago), have been online since the early 80's waaay before the WEB,  now retired but fix computers, trouble shoot, upgrade, debug, etc.  You get the picture.  I've been around and have dealt with SPAM since the beginning.  I have used and am now again using my own SPAM filtering, but that is no replacement for a robust corporate SPAM filter.  They can spend tens of thousands for a solution. 


Enough for now.  Thanks for your input.

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Re: spam detector not working?

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The spam detector service is from another company that Verizon partners with.  IT HAS NOT CHANGED.  Some have loved it others hated it.  Always depends on enough new spams to be identified that a rule can be written to prevent it by that service.


The spammers are just more eventive and keep finding new ways to avoide detection.

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Re: spam detector not working?

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Has anyone considered, especially when taking into context all of the many, many things Verizon has done to anger it's customers for the sake of their pockets, that Verizon spam is not going to EVER work well because Verizon is making money allowing the spam to go through? Is there ANYONE out there who IS totally staisfied with Verizon and it's customer "policies"?

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Re: spam detector not working?

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I have been at this same issue for a very long time. Even asked for help, then was told it was escalated, but same clowns kept calling to access my computer after already seeing what was happening.

I've had DSL since it started and they changed something because it used to work exceptionally well.

I need a spam filter for Verizon because they don't have the guts to admit they had a hole in their security, our email accounts were compromised.

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Re: spam detector not working?

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I have exactly the opposite situation.  For several months (at least 3 or 4) the spam filtered out to the spam folder has nearly disappeared.  It went from 20-30 per day to maybe 2 or 3.  As a direct consequence, the "false alarm rate" (incorrectly filtered good email) is occasionally 100%.  I have seen/heard nothing anywhere about this - including on these forums.


Did the bad guys finally see the light?  Doubtful.  Is the spam being blocked by VZ mail server?  If so, how much "good" email is also being blocked?


Very puzzling.

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